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ITU News: Forging paths to 5G
Avtorji: Haoulin Zhao, Dongmyun Lee, Francois Rancy, Stephen M. Blust, Sergio Buonomo, Chaesub Lee, Peter Ashwood-Smith, Giovanna Carofiglio, Marc Cohn
Novel Cross-Layer QoE-Aware Radio Resource Allocation Algorithms in Multiuser OFDMA Systems
Avtorji: Rugelj, M., Sedlar, U., Volk, M., Sterle, J., Hajdinjak, M., Kos, A.
WEB on TV: Cross-National User Study for Designing Better User Experience
Avtorji: Emilija Stojmenova, Jože Guna, Daniela Hauswirth, Roland Winkler, Manfred Ninaus and Matevž Pogačnik
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Troubles with Electronic Patient Records and telecare/AAL: user experience matters

Dr. Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Head of Human Computer Interaction Group at Vienna University of Technology


Geraldine Fitzpatrick has been Professor of Technology Design and Assessment at Vienna University of Technology in Austria since 2009 and leads the Institute for Design and Assessment of Technology, and the Human Computer Interaction group. Prior to this, she was Director of the Interact Lab at the University of Sussex, and has worked as a User Experience consultant at Sapient (international business and technology company) in London, and as a Senior Research fellow at the Distributed Systems Technology Centre and the Centre for Online Health in Australia. Her research is at the intersection of social and computer sciences and she has extensive experience in inter-disciplinary research projects in these areas. She is particularly interested in how we design pervasive, tangible and Web 2.0 technologies to fit in with everyday contexts of work, play and daily life, with a particular interest in supporting social interaction and collaboration, health and well-being, and active engagement for older people. She has a published book and over 120 refereed journal and conference publications in diverse areas such as pervasive computing, CSCW, HCI, health informatics, and e-learning. She also serves in many editorial and committee roles, including associate editor of the CSCW journal and Papers/notes co-chair for CHI2010 and CHI2011.