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ITU News: Forging paths to 5G
Avtorji: Haoulin Zhao, Dongmyun Lee, Francois Rancy, Stephen M. Blust, Sergio Buonomo, Chaesub Lee, Peter Ashwood-Smith, Giovanna Carofiglio, Marc Cohn
Novel Cross-Layer QoE-Aware Radio Resource Allocation Algorithms in Multiuser OFDMA Systems
Avtorji: Rugelj, M., Sedlar, U., Volk, M., Sterle, J., Hajdinjak, M., Kos, A.
WEB on TV: Cross-National User Study for Designing Better User Experience
Avtorji: Emilija Stojmenova, Jože Guna, Daniela Hauswirth, Roland Winkler, Manfred Ninaus and Matevž Pogačnik
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Nastanek in vpliv Sončevih aktivnosti

Avtorji: Andrej Štern, Jože Guna, Janez Bešter

This paper presents a basic overview of solar activities, their origin, spreading into the interplanetary space and magnetic reconnection to Earth’s primary magnetic field. The Sun’s characteristics are explained as a multilayer structure of gas forming globe with strong dynamic magnetic field. This supports different X-ray emissions and coronal mass ejections that might collide with Earth’s magnetosphere and cause various visual and other detected effects that might influence our environment, communications, technology solutions, electricity distribution and also our health.

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