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Training facilities

Training at LTFE holds its unique added value in a professional and highly skilled team of experts, scientists and R&D specialists. Provided courses and trainings base on extensive knowledge and industrial experience gained through R&D project activities, participation in industrial, EU and national research programs, and years of expertise based on R&D and strategic international cooperation in scientific, industrial, academic and governmental partnerships. Instructors convey to the attendees their latest know-how and experience in specialized areas of expertise based on their day-to-day R&D activities in test and professional environments, and cooperation with a variety of vendors, broadcasters, service providers, operators, standardization and regulative bodies and other important industrial and business partners. Real-world hands-on experience is provided first-hand by top-end experts in professionally equipped training facilities.

Training courses are held in lecture halls and laboratories featuring latest available R&D, multimedia and presentation technology, online conferencing capabilities, and multimedia centre services support.
Advanced and expert level trainings benefit from top-end scientific R&D and professional equipment available at LTFE TestCenter. Demo presentations and hands-on labs are provided within laboratory test-beds (WiMAX, NGN/IMS, IPTV, Production and playout systems etc.) and performed on professional telecommunications equipment.

Available at LTFE TestCenter:

Professional test and measurement equipment:

  • Spirent STC
  • Agilent DNA
  • Endance DAG

Excellent connectivity:

  • Various fixed and mobile/wireless systems: IPv4, IPv6
    ASN = 28933

o IPv4 PI ( and PA (
IPv6 PA (2a00:1368::/32)
Full BGP

  • Beta testers for IPv6 Juniper firewall

WiMAX test-bed

  • Implementing QoS on WiMAX BS/SS
  • Beta testers for WiMAX

NGN/IMS test-bed

  • Diameter, ParlayX GW, presence services
  • IMS – Fraunhofer FOKUS
  • Asterisk VoIP system

IPTV test-bed

  • First commercial IPTV solution in Europe (cooperation with SIOL)
  • 4 x IPTV system
  • Support of Production system, playout and distribution test-bed
  • Video equipment

o 6 x professional cameras
2 x video/audio matrix, linear/nonlinear mixing

o xServer

Terminal equipment and work facilities

  • 20 x Laptops (Windows, Linux)
  • 12x iMacs
  • iOS development environment ( iPhone emulators, iPhone/iPad mobile devices)
  • Android development environment (Android emulators, Android mobile devices)
  • Virtual servers

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