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Wireless technologies

Wireless technologies featured training program provides a comprehensive hands-on training on selected topics in latest wireless advancements in telecommunications, including satellite navigation principles, Wi-MAX technologies, Long Term Evolution, and much more. The training is tailored to provide the attendees with top-end expert knowledge and skills in state-of-the-art wireless technologies.


11 training days or 66 hours

Pricing and availability

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Acquired knowledge and skills

Training outline

See further information on training structure, level and certification, and additional details on provided courses.

Complete list of provided courses
ENTRY level
Basics on TCP/IP and Ethernet
Wireless technologies BASIC
Advanced Ethernet mechanisms
Mobile terminal equipment
Data services in 3G/4G networks
Satellite communication and locating services
Wireless technologies ADVANCED
Bluetooth and ZigBee
Wireless technologies EXPERT
Locating and navigation
LTE/SAE systems

Acquired knowledge and skills