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Interested in learning through Internet? E-trainings provide an efficient way of exploiting latest multimedia and internet technologies for e-learning from home, office or while on the road.

E-trainings portfolio comprises featured and custom multimedia-enriched online courses, tailor-made for education via Internet. Attendees receive online courses through professionally designed multimedia contents, comprising presentations, animation, video clips, active links, and a variety of other useful learning principles. Training outline is defined according to their specific needs, requirements and background knowledge.

e-cho-logo1 E-trainings are available to enterprises and organizations for rent or purchase as a complete e-learning solution comprising a professional internet-based e-learning platform with selected e-training contents. Also available in e-cho are complete e-learning management, content management, and learner tracking and evaluation tools, provided as an independent e-learning solution or integrated into existent information systems.


E-content is prepared and delivered as multimedia-enriched materials, adapted to advantages and limitations of learning via Internet. Readily available featured e-courses are available to interested individuals, enterprises and organizations. Also, tailor-made trainings are available on demand, including live video recording of lecture presentations, synchronization of materials, and development of Flash animated content, preparation of scientific or popular materials and so on.

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