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Course portfolio

This is a selection of available courses on specified topics in telecommunications and multimedia technologies.

Networking technologies

Advanced Ethernet mechanisms

Basics on TCP/IP and Ethernet
Best practices in design and deployment of IPv6 routing solutions (OSPFv3 and BGP)
BGP routing

Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) II
Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) I
IP network infrastructure testing and verification
IPv6 in operator environments
Mesh and ad-hoc networks
Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) I
Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) II
Multicast in IP networks
Multicast in IPv6

Network design and engineering
Routing in IP networks I
Routing in IP networks II
Security in IP networks
Security in IPv6
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Transport networks
Virtual private networks

Wireless technologies

Bluetooth and ZigBee
Data services in 3G/4G networks
Mobile terminal equipment
Locating and navigation
LTE/SAE systems
Satellite communication and locating services

Modern communications architectures

3Play systems
Deep Packet Inspection
Electronic communication regulation
IMS systems
IPTV systems
NGN systems
Peer-to-peer systems
QoS and QoE assurance in modern telecommunications
Security in VoIP/IMS networks
Service development in IMS/NGN/IPTV
Services in IMS/NGN/IPTV
Signaling in NGN
SIP technology and services

SIP Servlet and Media Server Control API
Telecommunications in SmartGrid
Telecommunications protocol design and development
Classic telecommunications signaling
VoIP systems

Multimedia technologies
Basic computer architecture and fundamentals of operating systems
Digital video broadcasting and streaming
Flash CS5 for beginners
Fundamental language of video production
Introduction to video editing
Photoshop CS5 for beginners
Principles of video production
TV production and playout systems
Video content compression principles
Video editing

Service development technologies
Design for all and e-accessibility
Facebook application development
iPhone and iPad application development
Java for server systems
Java I
Java II
Mobile application development in Java – J2ME and Android
WEB 2.0


A complete list and outline of all available courses is given in the catalogue.