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Study Courses


Members of the LTFE team cover the following courses at the under-graduate and post-graduate study of Telecommunications and the under-graduate study of Multimedia Communications:

  • Communication Networks and Services (KOS)
  • Intelligent Networks (IN)
  • Engineering, Modelling and Management of Networks (NMVTKO)
  • Operation Systems (OS)
  • Fundamentals of Telecommunications 2 (OTK2)
  • Commutation Systems and Networks 1 (KSO1)
  • Processor Systems in Telecommunications (PSTK2)
  • Commutation Systems and Networks 2 (KSO2)
  • Design and Management of Telecommunications Systems and Services (NVTSS)
  • Comutation and Routing Elements (KUE)

The official language of all courses is Slovenian.

Diploma Theses

LTFE offers a competent, well-equipped and friendly environment for foreign university students who are looking to conclude their studies with a diploma thesis abroad.

Theses are prepared and defended in English.

More Information

We will be happy to answer your questions. Please send inquiries to: