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Research and Development

LTFE is active in numerous fields of research and development related to information and communication technology (ICT).

Types of Co-operation

We offer various forms of co-operation:

  • Network solution design
  • Testing and measurements
  • Analyses of technologies and markets
  • Research studies and consulting

Co-operation in these fields is project-based. Our experts are dedicated to work closely with customers and are happy to adapt to their needs and requirements.

Apart from project work, laboratory research and various interdisciplinary trainings can also run in parallel.

LTFE’s Research and Development Fields:

  • Research studies and expert analyses of telecommunication networks, technologies and services
  • Project co-operation and consulting
  • Network solution design
  • ICT service implementation
  • Evaluations of products and services
  • Measurements and testing
  • Development of communication protocols, applications and software
  • Pilot project implementations
  • Development and implementation of e-learning platforms
  • Design and development of educational multimedia content, presentations and courses
  • Design, development and implementation of interactive multimedia portals
  • Video content production
  • Communication service and Web hosting

More Information

We will be happy to answer your questions. Please send inquiries to: