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Mobile Educational Games

  • Have you ever asked yourself why people enjoy playing computer games for hours and hours, until they finally reach the goal of the game?

  • Have you ever watched your children solving complex problems in games without having received straightforward instructions, building mega cities, ruling imaginary states or overcoming challenges which were difficult to overcome even for you?

Learning by playing outside of the classrooms has never been so simple

Quest for Knowledge (QFK) platform supports learning by playing educational games, effectively exploiting advantages of gaming, such as high motivation, immersion and orientation towards practical problem solving.


Mobile Educational Games

Playing computer games is often viewed as useless and undesirable in many school environments. But …

  • What if educational games were played in teams, outside the classrooms, in cities, villages, nature?
  • How about using portable (mobile) terminals and GPS devices instead of computers?

This is exactly what the QFK platform does!

Mobile educational games integrate virtual worlds with the real world, using the most up-to-date multimedia and mobile technologies (GPS and location services, UMTS, WLAN, GPRS, …).


Mobile Educational Game Players

Aside from elementary and secondary school population, mobile educational games can be played by employees in corporate environments as well. Games topics may cover soft skills acquisition or can be used for team building purposes with the focus on real problem solving.

Mobile educational games, played with QFK, can also be used in tourism, museums, galleries and other cultural heritage institutions.

Give QFK a try, you are likely to come up with another idea how to use it in your own environment!

QFK Platform

  • Simple implementation of mobile educational games independent of learning topic (game engine).
  • Mobile and Web gaming environments.
  • Web-based environment for game management and interactive flow control in real-time.
  • Learning and playing in real-time.

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