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Multimedia Services

At LTFE we are proud of our modern Multimedia Center equipped with the most up-to-date video, audio and conference technology. In our view, multimedia has become a founding part of telecommunications, developing at a staggering rate.

LTFE Multimedia Center

The LTFE Multimedia Center features the most modern equipment for digital capturing, processing and distribution of multimedia content.

Kontrolni center

With the help of our experts, your event can be covered using high-definition cameras and broadcast live on the Internet. The recorded material can later be edited and published on the Web.

LTFE Multimedia Center offers:

  • Recording of various types of events with one or two cameras.
  • Live Internet broadcasting
  • Synchronization of presentations (PowerPoint) and video content on several screens
  • Video and audio post-production (editing, graphic post-production, compression)
  • Content delivery and publishing on the Web/server

HD montaža

Multimedia Hall

LTFE is proud to manage a hall equipped with the most modern multimedia technology. The hall regularly hosts various trainings, conferences and other events.

The hall features a fixed conference table with 22 full-feature seats. By using additional tables, the hall can host up to 40 people. Each seat is equipped with wired and wireless broadband access, and, optionally, laptop computers.

The lecturers can use two separate projector screens from any seat within the hall. A large wall whiteboard, portable microphones, room speakers as well as DVD and VHS players are also at disposal.

Multimedijska dvorana Vgrajena kamera

The hall can host meetings and conferences using a conference speaking system with 18 table microphones. Sound and picture from all events can be recorded. A video conference system can connect to four remote locations simultaneously.

The hall is air-conditioned. If desired, it can be used as a digital multi-camera recording studio.

More Information

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