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E-learning System

  • Looking for a more effective way of educating your employees, customers or partners?

  • Do you want to offer them a simple and innovative multimedia learning experience while cutting costs and time needed to organize and run a training process?

Opening the Gates of Multimedia Learning

E-CHO, a complete e-learning management system integrates a platform for educational content management and design as well as a platform for e-course delivery.

Using E-CHO, you can take advantage of all key benefits of e-learning, such as:

  • Learning anywhere, anytime
  • Personalized approach with training delivery based on the individual needs or needs of the target environment
  • Easy and adaptable progress tracking
  • Lower education costs
  • Sustainable development of the training and education process

The system features simple user management, creation and import of any type of multimedia content, diverse knowledge assesment procedures as well as a survey functionality. Test and survey results along with other training progress information are always just a few clicks away.


E-CHO Web-based user interface is multilingual and graphically adaptable to match your corporate identity.

Conformance with existing e-learning standards guarantees compatibility with any e-learning content available on the market. The possibility of integrating the system into any given HRM ensures a smooth implementation in business environments.


We use our rich experience and numerous references to give counsel and help our customers at implementing integrated e-learning solutions in their environments. This is done by taking into account organizational, financial and pedagogical aspects as well as selection and creation of quality multimedia content.

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