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Integrated Multimedia Lectures System


Develop your multimedia online course over the web in ten minutes!

Are you familiar with Web 2.0 technologies, such as Wiki, Blog, or RSS ? Do you use YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Google Picassa or similar products? If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then you are an active member of the largest community on the web, the community that generates new content, such as video, audio, texts, pictures without any particular IT skills or use of complex desktop applications. Wouldn’t you like to use this content development concept and content itself for structured training or educational purpose?

Coome is Web 2.0 platform enabling implementation, management and publishing of multimedia online courses. Basic functionality is represented by simple online synchronization of video clip (e.g. lecture) with supporting electronic materials by tagging of the video, time tagging or live tagging. Online multimedia courses are grouped in catalogue, which enables browsing and searching features.


COOME enables three level of access for users. Basic level enables searching, browsing and accessing to existing courses. Developer level enables implementation and editorial of online multimedia courses. Manager level enables control over entire COOME platform.

Key COOME benefits

  • Export MS PowerPoint slides in jpg format and save as outline file into same folder. Import entire content of the folder into COOME with just two clicks.
  • Simple synchronization of the video with uploaded material (tag video, tag timescale or tag live)
  • Edit your course in live mode (“what you see is what you get”).
  • COOME saves your work simultaneously – data can’t be lost.
  • Use existing published video. COOME needs only the link (video location, e.g. YouTube).
  • Export your work into standalone packages, enabling arbitrary publishing on the web, importing into LMS or publishing on the CD, DVD or other media.
  • Possibility of live lecturing and automatic synchronization.

Detailed information

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