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Organization Membership

LTFE is a member of several important domestic and international organizations active in our field of expertise.

Udeležba LTFE na mednarodnih dogodkih

Contact with Slovenian and foreign experts gives us the opportunity to compare our knowledge with theirs, to enhance it and to share it further.

Slovenian Organizations

  • EZS, Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia
  • Go6Slovenian Initiative for Transition to IPv6
  • VITEL Expert Committee and the VITEL International Telecommunications Symposium Organising Committee
  • MIDEM, Society for Microelectronics, Electric Components and Materials
  • SIST, Slovenian Standardization Institute
  • SIKOM, Slovenian Electronic Communication Society
  • ITU-T Standardization Study Group
  • SDVD, Slovenian Association for Higher Education Didactics
  • ZOTKS, Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia

International Organizations