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About us

Laboratory for Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering together with Laboratory for multimedia at the Faculty od Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, (LTFE) is a young and dynamic team involved in research, development and education in ICT and multimedia.


  • We organize high-quality professional trainings, explore ever-new ICT horizons and incorporate gained knowledge in the development of advanced products.

  • We maintain a tight co-operation with the industry as a research and development partner. This way, results of our work become a part of the product portfolio of both Slovenian and international high-tech companies.

  • Our home is the university, which puts us in a constant interaction with new generations of future experts. Within our pedagogical activities, we arm them with knowledge and direct them onto their own career paths. Some of them also become our colleagues.

  • Our focus is the outside world. We co-operate on numerous domestic and international interdisciplinary projects, thus perfecting our knowledge and extending our partner network.

Our vision is to be a part of ICT and multimedia development and to keep searching for new fields where technology can help overcome obstacles. We achieve this with constant learning, quality work and rich experience in transferring research results into practice.