Published by: LTFE | 09. Feb 2015

OnCreate is a 3-year ERASMUS+ strategic partnership project starting September 2014. The aim is to improve online creative processes among students at the ten involved European universities. Today’s tools for online collaboration mainly support the exchange of creative ideas emanating from physcial meetings. This project is about exploring the potential in online-based creative processes and tools for these processes.

Development of content and learning materials

Published by: LTFE | 19. Apr 2014

For over a decade, we are developing technology and solutions for ICT supported learning and training. Knowledge is without a doubt one of the key sources for success and any successful business or organization is aware of that.

Together with our partners we provide:

  • E-CHO system for the development and implementation of interactive multimedia e-learning in business environments,
  • Consulting and the introduction of interactive e-learning in business environments,
  • Production of e-courses and e-learning materials (reference),
  • Content development and utilizing the recent development tools and methodologies to create industry standard courses (reference Nil Ltd).

Modern didactic concepts, standardization development and knowledge management within e-learning in the Slovenian Army

Published by: Damir Kervina | 14. Avg 2013

The project produced e-learning modules based on modern didactic concepts, one 20-ECTS curriculum class in the form of e-learning and a complete technology infrastructure for distance learning.

Knowledge Center for E-learning and Convergent Multimedia Content

Published by: Damir Kervina | 30. Jul 2013

The project delivered a web application SiTV, a modern educational video portal designed for upload and editing of video content as well as its streaming and download. SiTV is used to supplement learning processes.


Published by: Damir Kervina | 29. Jul 2013

The project helped remove obstacles that prevent small and medium enterprises (SME) from being more innovative. Activities focused on identification and development of concepts enabling SMEs to co-operate using ICT tools and to access required professionals using semantic technologies.

City of Knowledge: Platform for Easy Implementation of Online Learning Applications

Published by: Damir Kervina | 29. Jul 2013

The project delivered a standards-compliant platform that enables end users of interactive online learning applications – both teachers and students – to develop their own content, saving time and resources.

E-learning Introduction and Content Development for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief

Published by: Damir Kervina | 29. Jul 2013

The project implemented an e-learning website for the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (ACPDR), including a prototype e-learning infrastructure for ACPDR.

CALIBRATE – Learning Resources for Schools

Published by: Damir Kervina | 14. Jun 2012

This Sixth Framework Programme project’s aim is to support collaborative use and exchange of learning objects/resources in schools.

E-learning for the Ministry of Defence and the Slovenian Army

Published by: Damir Kervina | 05. Jun 2012

The aim of the project is to elaborate a plan for introducing e-learning in the Slovenian Army (SV) and the Ministry of Defence (MORS). Specifics of both internal and external target groups as well as the support of institutions currently conducting classic education and training methods for SV and MORS will be taken into account.

CC Class – Competence Center "Cloud Assisted Services"

Published by: Damir Kervina | 31. Maj 2012

The main goal of CC Class is to develop services and products in the field of cloud computing.