E-competent Citizen of Slovenia

Published by: Damir Kervina | 29. Jul 2013

The project addresses concepts and mechanisms relevant for obtaining e-skills and e-knowledge among senior citizens of Slovenia.

Text Emergency Call Service 112 for Hearing Impaired Persons (WAP112)

Published by: Damir Kervina | 03. Jun 2013

LTFE team has implemented an emergency service call for people with hearing disabilities for the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (URSZR) using the mobile technology WAP. The solution was unique in the European space and was awarded by the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) in Brussels in 2009.


Published by: Damir Kervina | 14. Jun 2012

The European Design for All e-Accessibility Network (EDeAN) is a network of 160 organisations in European Union member states. The goal of the network is to support all citizens’ access to the Information Society.

IRIS Smart Home

Published by: Damir Kervina | 05. Jun 2012

The IRIS Smart Home (Independent Residing enabled by Intelligent Solutions) is intended to become a demonstration centre of technologies and practices, which make it possible for people with disabilities and the elderly to live a longer, better and more independent life.


Published by: Damir Kervina | 31. Maj 2012

DfA@eInclusion is a European Commission funded project that aims to support networking for Design for All in Europe.

3rD-LIFE: 3D Virtual Environment for Social Interaction of Elderly People

Published by: Damir Kervina | 09. Maj 2012

The general objective of the project is to improve the quality of life of ageing people, providing them with a virtual tool for interacting with other users and taking part in virtual activities.

I2Web – An Inclusive Future Internet

Published by: Damir Kervina | 26. Apr 2012

I2Web is a research project that aims to enable an accessible Future Internet for people with special needs (especially people with disabilities and older adults).