DriveGreen: Development of an ecodriving application for a transition to a low-carbon society

Published by: LTFE | 09. Feb 2015

The main goal of the project is to develop an intuitive and user-friendly mobile application DriveGreen which helps lower CO2 emissions by monitoring driving habits and encouraging ecodriving. The positive outcomes of a driving style modified by such an application have to do with more than lower greenhouse gas emissions, however; they include lower fuel consumption, economical vehicle use and safe driving. Thus, ecodriving is the optimal solution for both the individual (lower costs, greater safety) and the society (lower CO2 emissions).

Ambient Intelligence in the Living Environment (AIBO)

Published by: Damir Kervina | 21. Jun 2013

Ambient Intelligence in the Living Environment (AIBO) is a research project addressing the convergence of multimedia and house automation technology in living environments. The goal is to add personalization and intelligence to environment control systems. The project’s main scope is to design and set up an intelligent environment that adjusts to users’ preferences and requirements and thus improves quality of life.

TV-WEB – Tackling the Digital Divide in Southeast Europe by Using the Capacity of DTT Networks

Published by: Damir Kervina | 10. Okt 2012

SEE TV-WEB executes activities which foster accessibility and availability of AVMS (Audio-Video and Media Services).