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ITU News: Forging paths to 5G
Avtorji: Haoulin Zhao, Dongmyun Lee, Francois Rancy, Stephen M. Blust, Sergio Buonomo, Chaesub Lee, Peter Ashwood-Smith, Giovanna Carofiglio, Marc Cohn
Novel Cross-Layer QoE-Aware Radio Resource Allocation Algorithms in Multiuser OFDMA Systems
Avtorji: Rugelj, M., Sedlar, U., Volk, M., Sterle, J., Hajdinjak, M., Kos, A.
WEB on TV: Cross-National User Study for Designing Better User Experience
Avtorji: Emilija Stojmenova, Jože Guna, Daniela Hauswirth, Roland Winkler, Manfred Ninaus and Matevž Pogačnik
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IIKI conference and invited lecture at the University of Qufu

This year’s conference IIKI is in the city of Qufu, where famous philosopher Confucius was developing and realizing his great ideas. Qufu is a smaller Chinese town of 600.000 citizens and amazing history. 


At the ceremonial part of the conference we, as guests, presented Slovenia and University of Ljubljana. In the sessions we presented two articles »Implicit aggressive driving detection in social VANET« and »Approaches to the Front-End IoT Application Development for the Ethereum Block chain«.


We accepted organizer invitation to hold additional invited lecture on »Open innovation and prototyping« for professors and PhD students that plan a part of their carrier abroad.